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In Search Of The Hogwarts Express? Clients At Platform 9 3/4

In Search Of The Hogwarts Express? Clients At Platform 9 3/4

Calling all Harry Potter fans!

After much public demand, we have done it. From 2015, all our private London tours can now be customised to include a range of Harry Potter options!

From a one hour Harry Potter highlights tour in London, to a visit to the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios, to a full blown day experience to discover the best of the boy wizard across the south of England: there are options to fit all budgets and time schedules.

Harry Potter Film Studios Tour - Diagon AlleyHarry Potter Film Studios Tour – Diagon Alley

Why not surprise the Harry Potter fans in your party by adding a one hour Harry Potter Highlights Tour of the best film locations in the city to your London Tour? Pay a visit to the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4, go in search of the evasive Leaky Cauldron inn and get lost in the antique bookstores that inspired Diagon Alley before seeking to enter the Ministry of Magic. The perfect treat for any Potter fan!

Harry Potter Warner. Bros Studio Tour

A must for any Potter enthusiast, a chance to experience the magic of the movies up close by visiting the very film studio where the films were shot. This unique behind-the-scenes visit showcases a huge array of beautiful sets, costumes and props, revealing some of the closely guarded secrets as to how the books by JK Rowling were brought to the screen. Highlights include stepping into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, seeing the movie version of Diagon Alley and learning all about the special effects and animatronics that made the films so hugely popular all over the world.

On one of our layover Tours from Heathrow Airport and mad on Harry Potter? Ask about the option to tailor your experience with a visit to the Harry Potter Studios, a great alternative to make the most of your time in between flights.


Harry Potter Tours London

Harry Potter Tours London

The Magical Harry Potter Experience

Still not filled your urge for all things Harry Potter? Grab your magic cloak, wizard wands and flying brooms: this is the big one, the total Potter experience!

  • London Harry Potter Highlights Tour
  • Tour Of Oxford, the original inspiration for many of the Harry Potter Films
  • 3 Hour Visit To The Harry Potter Film Studios, to see the real film sets

A complete day out begins with a Harry Potter highlights tour of London in the morning before heading out into the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside, just like young Harry did.

After some spectacular scenery, step back into ancient England as you are taken on a tour of the oldest English speaking university in the world. Marvel at the Great Hall where Harry was formally welcomed into Hogwarts, walk through the dark cloisters in search of He Who Cannot Be Named and learn what it takes to be a Quidditch champion. Oxford is the spiritual home of the Harry Potter films and is the perfect setting to see the universe it would go on to expire.

The Great Hall At Harry Potter Studios Tour

The Great Hall At Harry Potter Studios Tour

Eva Cohen, Age 11 on her Tour of London with Harry Potter Highlights

Eva Cohen, Age 11 on her Tour of London with Harry Potter Highlights

After lunch, an afternoon visit to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios. The opportunity to see the actual film sets, the locations, the effects and movie magic. Enter the real Hogwarts and compare to the original Oxford inspiration, take part in a green screen test before stepping into Diagon Alley for some very special souvenirs of your Harry Potter experience: are you more Gryffindor or Hufflepuff?

For more on our Harry Potter London Tours visit London Magical Tours and add the Harry Potter addition to any of our London tours!

DISCLAIMER: Harry Potters tours are not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported, directly or indirectly by Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, the Harry Potter book publishers or J.K.Rowling and her representatives. All rights to the series of “Harry Potter” books are the property of J.K. Rowling and her publishers including Scholastic Press, et al. Film rights and image trademarks are the property of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

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    Thank you for leaving a comment. We do work with travel agents and have sent a message to our 24hr Internet Dept to contact you directly to help best assist with your touring requirements.

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  2. This was such a FUN day out. Having your own guide and driver is really the way to go, what an efficient way to see a city when travelling with children! We did three tours including the magical Harry Potter experience with Oxford and the Studios tour, which was our trip highlight. Karen was a super guide and quickly became one of the family. If you’re in London this is the way to go, recommend magical tours very highly.

  3. Just wanted to write in to say that our eight and twelve year olds loved the extra hour of Harry Potter after our tour of London, it was a total surprise for them and great to add a bit of fun after an educational visit inside Westminster Abbey. They are huge Potter fans and loved seeing the platform at St Pancras station!

    Karen Rhodes & family, New Jersey

  4. We loved the Harry Potter Tour. Our highlight was going into Christ Church Oxford to see the Hogwarts hall, our children were quite literally overwhelmed by it all. Thank you for a fabulous day out!

  5. The tour addition is a great idea, have just sent an enquiry to add 1 hour of Harry Potter to our full day tour of London on July 4th. To be honest I am as excited as the kids!

  6. Cant wait until I tell our grandchildren about this, we’re flying in to London on June 2nd on one of your layover tours and they will absolutely love this idea. See you in June!

    The Mathews Family
    Oregon, USA

  7. Yes, yes, yes!! I subscribe to the blog and had to write in this evening when I saw the announcement pop up in my mailbox, we’ll be coming to London especially for this, brilliant news!

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