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How London is transformed into a Winter Wonderland – Christmas 2014

Christmas in London is always a special treat. As evening falls, the capital is magically transformed into a winter wonderland. Shoppers crowd up the old streets under a canopy of holiday lights while carolers take to the squares and market corners, filling the air with songs of happy golden days of yore ….
When it comes [...]

Magical London Tours from the Airports

As the founders of the layover tour we understand how important your time is while on transit. Why not make the most of your layover and escape the airport!
Even if you only have a few hours in between your flights and would like a London Tour from Heathrow (or Gatwick Airport/ Eurostar St. Pancras), we [...]

Agatha Christie’s Countryside Home with London Magical Tours – The Loveliest Place in the World

If you have ever wanted to experience the British countryside, then look no further than a visit to the home one of Britain’s most successful writers.
London Magical Tours offers the chance to visit the quaint seaside town of Torquay and Greenway House – the private home of the Queen of Crime herself the late Dame [...]

Client of the Month – Feature

A great amount of work goes on behind the scenes at London Magical Tours to ensure we are continuously reaching the high standards we set ourselves to provide an award winning sightseeing experience.
All this effort is really made worthwhile when it comes to receiving appreciative post tour feedback. There is no greater satisfaction for [...]

Fun Historical Trips for Kids with London Magical Tours

Summer is in full swing and more and more young visitors are discovering London with London Magical Tours. Here Madeline and Anne (in the above photo) took a fascinating trip to the Royal Palace of King Henry VIII and even had a chance to greet him in person! Hampton Court Palace is also known for [...]