Corona Virus around the World – Latest Update

With the coronavirus affecting over 150 countries around the world, it is inspiring to see so many countries helping each other.

In this time of crisis we are seeing many if not all countries showing solidarity. In France, President Macron has confirmed that they are alongside Italy, one of the most affected countries hit by the pandemic. France and Germany have delivered over 2 million mask and additional gowns to their Italian neighbours.




Yesterday March 27th 2020, President Trump of the USA confirmed that they are building thousands of ventilators not only to aid US citizens, but to also provide additional ventilators to many countries around the world who are in desperate need of them.

We can report that unfortunately the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has confirmed he has the coronavirus. He is following the recommended guidelines by staying at home and self-isolating.

We hope you are all staying safe and practising the advice laid out by the health experts. You can do your part by self isolating and practising good hygiene.

Here in Magical Tours we are supporting are employees by having them work from home, providing both both medical and economical support.

We will keep you updated with latest news and hope you are staying safe and keeping in good health during this difficult time.




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