Client of the Month – Part IV

It’s back!

The feedback on our Client of the Month feature continues to surpass expectations, it’s wonderful to hear how our readers love seeing these stripped back videos. No scripts, no gimmicks, no special effects. Its simply an honest review in one of our visitor’s own words.

This monthly feature places the spotlight on one of our guests to share their post sightseeing experience, what they though of the London Magical Tours experience.

So here it is, the latest addition to this series, this month courtesy of a Private London Tour. Simply click on the video link below to watch in Full HD:

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11 thoughts on “Client of the Month – Part IV

  1. We are a couple from Texas that visits London every year for my husband’s meetings with his insurance company in Canary Wharf. We thought we knew the place quite well. We were completely wrong. What an eye opening tour we had with our own tour guide and a separate driver that made everything hassle free. We most highly recommend London Magical Tours to friends and family and plan on being return visitors.

  2. My family has always had a fascination with England. We wanted this trip for the five of us without any hick-ups. Magical tours was the perfect choice, no regrets whatsoever. We’ll recommend LMT to everyone. Great staff and on-the-spot service, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you!

  3. We only had a few hours in London on our way to Glasgow for a family wedding. Couldn’t ask for more, the efficiency, knowledge and insight provided by the tour guide and driver made this the greatest time ever. Thank you LMT for a first class day.

  4. Loved our stay in London on our way for a cruise in the Mediterranean (even if the time flew by). The tour was amazing from the beginning to the end, without wanting to sound too stereotypical, it was truly magical. My parents, my husband and I are still talking about it!

  5. We came from Vancouver on our way to Bombay. We enjoyed our long layover in London, specially the LMT team. We were so pleased that we treated our tour guide and driver for tea at Fortum & Mason, a three century old shop that provides tea to the royals. Great experience!

  6. Very pleased to have made this choice. The tour guide and driver were very knowledgeable, courteous and fun. Timing was essential. They were spot on the ball as we had time for a superb British lunch plus all the main highlights. Thanks a lot LMT!

  7. We booked five hour tours of London and Paris which was not only economical but well worth it in every sense. We had a great time with both London and Paris Magical Tours.

  8. Following a cruise from Dover to Athens, Malta, Cyprus and Palermo we had a layover in London on our way back to the US. It was fascinating and made our time in this great city a one never to forget: Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, the Abbey and palaces were magnificent. We highly recommend London Magical Tours.

  9. On our way to Johannesburg for safari, our family of four had a long layover at London Heathrow Airport. We couldn’t have made a better decision to tour with Magical. Our tour guide and a separate driver took us all around the fantastic Tower of London, Buckingham and the other palaces. It was a really exciting adventure. Thank you very much to all in London Magical Tours, you made our layover truly magical.

  10. Our lady tour guide and our chauffeur were awesome professionals, they made my wishes come true, they were polite, considerate and so knowledgeable – I couldn’t ask for more! I am very thankful to London Magical Tours. Excellent service!

  11. Nuestro tour en Londres fue espectacular. La atención de por si magnifica. Logramos ver y apreciar cada lugar histórico formidable que jamas imaginamos que existía. Nuestro sincero agradecimiento al equipo de London Magical Tours que nos atendió durante este lindo día!

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