Children’s Art Competition – Favourite Entries

We are delighted to share with you all our favourite entries so far for this year’s Children Art Competition.

Throughout the year we enjoy treating our young visitors to the history of the sights of London, as well as the surrounding cities:

London Magical Tours guides are specialised in ensuring children have a balanced historical and enjoyable experience, very much valuing the importance of participating in a way that is both fun and educational. There is nothing better than seeing our visitor’s faces light up as they see history brought to life before their eyes, the ideal way to create lasting memories!

Below are some of our favourite entries so far for this year’s competition. Winner will be announced next month with prizes sent out to the winners in time for christmas – so stay tuned!

LMT Letter

Buckingham Palace


London Guard

LMT Letter 2

London Eye

LMT Letter 4

2 thoughts on “Children’s Art Competition – Favourite Entries

  1. Both our sons entered the art competition last week and have been telling me none stop to check the website. Thank you for a very special time and the memories, both the guide and the driver were terrific.

    Klemi and Michael Souther & boys (James and Eric, aged 9)

  2. We had so much fun on our tour on Friday, my husband and I loved how much the kids got out of it. The educational side of the tours is spot on. We truly realised how much they’d absorbed when our youngest started teaching one of the wardens at the castle about Queen Victoria!

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