A Traditional Royal Christmas

royal chritmas card

A Very Merry Christmas Card from the Royal Family

All families have their own Christmas traditions. Whether it’s baking gingerbread cookies, taking part in carol singing or simply getting together to watch your favourite holiday movies.

But have you ever wondered how the Royal family celebrate the lead up to Christmas?

Read on to hear some of the better known Royal family Christmas traditions. You can learn more about the secretive ones on London Magical Tours’ award winning London Christmas Lights Tours.


Present exchange

When do the Royal Family exchange gifts? Clue: It’s not Christmas Day!

One of the most famous Royal family traditions was introduced by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. In line with German tradition, the Royal family actually exchange their gifts on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. The gifts are then laid out on tables for each family member to open after tea time (that’s after dinner for our non-UK cousins).



Christmas Day service – At Sandringham

The monarch traditionally spends Christmas at the residence known as Sandringham, a countryside estate in Norfolk. The invited Royal family members visiting that year are then given an allocated time to arrive at Sandringham: the youngest member arrives first and the eldest member last. Once everyone has arrived, the final touches are put on the Christmas tree, a tradition also made popular by Prince Albert.


king charles christmas speech

The Kings Christmas Speech. Credit BBC

Christmas Day begins with the Sandringham Christmas Day service, where the Royal family attend mass and step out of the St Mary Magdalene Church to greet the public.

To conclude Christmas Day, King Charles will continue the tradition of broadcasting a speech to the country and across the Commonwealth. As the speech is pre-recorded, the royal family will watch it together after their Christmas lunch. In previous years this has include prawns or lobster for starters, a turkey with all the trimmings as the main course – and Christmas pudding with brandy for dessert.


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Happy Birthday to Her Majesty – In April or June?

You may not have even picked it up in the news but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday was in fact yesterday April the 21st!

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on the 21st of April 1926. Known simply as ‘Her Majesty’ to you and I, the Queen is fortunate to be able to celebrate her birthday twice a year; on the 21st of April and on a Saturday in June when she celebrates her coronation ceremony in her annual birthday parade, officially known as ‘The Trooping of the Colour’.

The ceremony occurs on a sunnier Saturday in June, where the Queen is joined by members of the Royal Family, invited guests as well as members of the public. The parade  is carried out by foot guards and the calvary on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, which is located close to Buckingham Palace here in London.

Next time you’re visiting London as part of our London Tours, make sure to see Horse Guards Parade, it is one of the largest open spaces in central London. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this famous birthday venue of the monarch was also used as a one off venue during the 2012 London Olympic games – for the beach volleyball!

View Footage from Queen’s Birthday Ceremony ‘The Trooping of the Colour’ below: