London Magical Tours Reviews

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion.

I am easily satisfied with the very best.

– Winston Churchill (1874-1955)

Every year many of our clients are kind enough to take the time to write in to express their gratitude after a tour. There is no greater feeling than when this happens – for someone to go out of their way to say thank you is the biggest compliment an organisation can receive.

We do however know that for many visitors, it is not always possible to write in and this is of course, perfectly understandable. Yet it is so important for us to get a snapshot of your thoughts on the service we provide – to get a better idea of what we are doing right and see if there are ways that things can be improved. To this extent, guests over the last 12 months have been asked to rate their tour out of 5 at the end of their visit and leave a short line of feedback.

Changing of the .... guard? London Magical Tours clients at St James Palace

Changing of the …. guard? London Magical Tours clients at St James Palace

We were delighted to see that 96% of all tours in the last year received a maximum rating of 5/5, with only 4% of tours receiving a score of 4/5. While this feedback has been most pleasing, we now have an incredibly high benchmark set for the year and are very much excited by improving on these results. The gauntlet has been dropped and we are determined to face this challenge head on.

The section below includes a mixed selection of these short comments and reviews. Each was handwritten by the respective reviewer at the end of a tour. Thank you to all guests who agreed to us sharing their feedback, we treat private information with the utmost confidentiality and only names and locations are included for this purpose.

London Magical Tours guests at Windsor Castle

London Magical Tours guests at Windsor Castle

We end on a note that many of you were happy for us to include your feedback on the condition that we explain that the comments were likely written in a moving vehicle – so please – no judging handwriting!

– – –

London Magical Tours Reviews

Rating 5/5 - Mr. Mammas Esq., Attorney MammasGoldberg, Illinois USA

Rating 5/5 – Mr. Mammas Esq., Attorney MammasGoldberg, Illinois USA

Dr. Sottosanti and Family, California USA

Rating: 5/5 – Dr. Sottosanti and Family, California USA

Mr. Soberon and Family, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Mr. Soberon and Family, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Rating 5/5 - Mrs. Ranae Perry, New South Wales, Australia

Rating 5/5 – Mrs. Ranae Perry, New South Wales, Australia

Dr. Hairabet and Family, Florida USA

Dr. Hairabet and Family, Florida USA

Rating 5/5 - Mrs. Ann Sawyer and Friends, Delaware USA

Rating 5/5 – Mrs. Ann Sawyer and Friends, Delaware USA

Rating 5/5 - Mr. Low Kai Yen, Singapore

Rating 5/5 – Mr. Low Kai Yen, Singapore

Rating 5/5 - Mrs. Prehoden and Friends, California USA

Rating 5/5 – Mrs. Prehoden and Friends, California USA

Rating 5/5 - The Pol Family, Georgia USA

Rating 5/5 – The Pol Family, Georgia USA

Rating 5/5 - Mrs. Fountain and Corporate Group, Cardinaleway Group, California USA

Rating 5/5 – Mrs. Fountain and Corporate Group, Cardinaleway Group, California USA

Rating 5/5 - Mr. Lockwood and Corporate Party, CES Ltd, Cambridge UK

Rating 5/5 – Mr. Lockwood and Corporate Party, CES Ltd, Cambridge UK

68 thoughts on “London Magical Tours Reviews

  1. On February 21, 2020, my daughter and I had an outstanding private tour of London. Our guide and also our chauffeur were wonderful, knowledgeable, and entertaining. They were both charming personalities! I learned much more about London than I could have ever imagined, and the tour made me want to learn even more about England’s history. Although our tour lasted about 5 hours, I would gladly have loved continuing it for many hours more. Our tour was absolutely perfect, and I’d recommend London Magical Tours to anyone! This tour was truly magical.

  2. We only had 2 full days in London and didn’t want to waste them trying to see all the sights by ourselves so we booked a private tour with London Magical Tours. What a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! Our tour guide made it so much fun for all of us especially our 2 teenagers! His knowledge of the history of all the places we visited truly made the experience unforgettable. From St. James Palace to the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, fish and chips in Kensington, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and ending with high tea, we covered so much in one day! Our diver was amazing as well!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We had a memorable experience thanks to London Magical Tours!

  3. It was a great joy for my family and I to be able to visit London having the amazing tour guide we had. The advantage of a unique experienced driver made it surreal to navigate a city currently in the mid of the Brexit phenomenon.The privately run tour really made a difference! Thanks a lot to London Magical Tours!

  4. I asked my 9 year old son to use one word to describe our visit to the UK with you guys. His response? Life-Changing. We laughed so hard as of course it’s technically two words but it says all anyone thinking about touring with London Magical Tours needs to know. The reviews speak for themselves. You’ll laugh, you’ll avoid the crowds and feel like a VIP while learning more than you could possibly have imagined.

    Thank you for helping created wonderful memories!

  5. While in Windsor we had a wonderful day visiting Windsor Royal Park Grounds. The Long Walk ride on a two horse royal carriage was relaxing and enjoyable. The castle itself was perfect in every sense. Huge thanks you to our lovely tour guide and an additional driver for everything. We highly recommend London Magical Tours and look forward to do a longer visit!!

  6. London Magical Tours ROCKS! We toured on 6/8/2019 and it was definitely MAGICAL. Our guide was a great historian and the best tour guide ever. We were honored to be in London on Her Majesty The Queens Birthday. Our guide got us up close and personal to see the festivities. It was perfect. Thanks again. Your Florida clients will never forget this visit!

  7. Being able to attend the Wimbledon Championship was a dream come true. LMT made it smoothly and great. We couldn’t be happier! Great service. It really surpassed our expectations! Thank you!!

  8. A perfect day out in London, we couldn’t ask for more. Highly recommend LMT to friends and family.

  9. Our visit to St. George’s Chapel and Queen Mary’s doll house in Windsor Castle was sensational in every detail perfectly planned and executed. We loved it. Thank you LMT!

  10. This is our fifth visit to England using the services of London Magical Tours. As a Texan family, we love learning about traditions as well as the amazing attention to detail seen in magical tours’ services in London and Paris. Excelled every time and we will be back for more.

  11. Adquirir el libro A to Z durante la gira fue un aliciente para mantener a los niños conectados durante el paseo a Londres con la guía y nuestro chofer. Extraordinario! Gracias a London Magical Tours!

  12. On my way to Lisbon I seized my layover time at Heathrow to see the Xmas inauguration of the lights – which was far out from this world. My next leg was from Gatwick and everything went spot on. Thank you London Magical Tours for a great Tour!

  13. We had an amazing time on our day tour. Our polite chauffeur was very organized and had everything scheduled according to time of day/traffic so that we could get to each of our tour on time (before it got crowded). Our tour guide Adrian (sorry, not sure of spelling) was fantastic and very knowledgeable in every aspect of London and more. It was my daughter’s first trip to London and she enjoyed every minute of the tour. Excellent service, would do it again in a heartbeat!

    Evelyn & Katie

  14. We were gifted London Magical Tours’ Sherlock Holmes tour by my daughter as part of my husband’s 50th birthday in London. We were picked up directly from our hotel and taken on a fabulous three hour trek, tracing the steps of his boyhood hero. Starting out in Sherlock’s Baker Street office, we whizzed through main roads and side streets in search of the London which had inspired the author and didn’t miss a beat.

    We had arranged for a team of tour guide and driver, which helped make the experience that extra special. London is notorious for being difficult to drive in and we had zero parking issues, the driver was on the ball and would drop us off and pick us up in time to move on to the next location with our guide.

    Thank you London Magical Tours for a day we will never forget.

  15. Our daughter is doing a university term in Edinburgh. We stayed a weekend over in London and enjoyed giving ourselves this “royal” treat. London Magical Tours’ team ticked all the boxes to our complete satisfaction. Thank you very much LMT for your help!

  16. Having added up a fair amount of air miles, I took the family to “old London town”. Quite a surreal city that mixes the old & new in a perfect way. We didn’t think it twice and went for it.
    London Magical Tours made all the difference for us. We loved it and recommend it to everyone wanting to get the most from a visit. Many thanks.

  17. We had read the reviews about London Magical Tours before booking. The visit and tour to London even surprised us, it fully surpassed our expectations. Thank you LMT, we will be back for more!!

  18. I visited London for the first time with my parents 15 years ago. It was a somewhat interesting experience. I was younger and perhaps not too interested. My dad had been in London with the Navy and would try to show off his knowledge of “blighty” as he called it. The reality was however a little different: he took us to see Nelson’s Column in one of the many central squares and the front entrance to Buckingham Palace. I seem to remember strolling infinite distances and just wondering around.

    When planning our latest visit, I decided to talk to my other half. I convinced him that we wouldn’t give our boys and daughter the same treatment. We found reviews, videos and magazine articles which all coincided in telling us that London Magical Tours would be the perfect choice for our family’s needs.

    Well what can I say. The experience we had on our 7 hour tour, was … disappointing. Disappointing in the sense that I honestly don’t think we will be able to tour any other way again! The comfort of the vehicle, accessibility to special hidden spots, the professionalism of the tour team. I could go on. Their genuine joy and love for what they do transferred that enthusiasm and knowledge to our young ones, which was really special. They were delighted throughout and are much more motivated and interested in the history of the world today.

    Thank you LMT, I couldn’t rave any more: suffice to say it was truly a wonderful experience.

  19. My tour with LMT was phenomenal! My guides (driver and tour guide) were both very polite and also incredibly informed about the area. The team was also great with managing my personal request to ride the London eye and fit that into my tight flight schedule. If I ever make it back to London for more than a layover, I would love to take one of their longer tours! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to maximize their time in London.

  20. In August 2016, my husband and I visited London for 10 days. We booked 3 days of tours with London Magical Tours and it was a fabulous experience. You can imagine how risky it feels when you live in Colorado USA and your are prepaying for tours for a company you have only learned about on the Internet. Well, any of are concerns were for not, as this is a completely professional company. The driver and guide showed up on time and were very kind and knowledgeable. Our guide for our tours to Windsor Castle, Stone Henge and Hampton Court was charming, polite, and very well-informed. Our drivers were very professional. It was an unforgettable trip and London Magical Tours was a big part of the success. Thank you.

  21. I heard about the London Magical Tour Private Company a year ago through a friend of mine from Texas who shared with us her experience with LMT. We were surprised when she suggested us to do the booking in advance. I managed to book our tour with eight months of anticipation. After completing our tour with them, we understand why. Our tour was extremely good, actually it exceeded all of our expectations. We were a large group of nineteen passengers. We were collected at the airport on time and went to our hotel in London following a three hour tour. This allowed us to have an excellent overview of the city; the second day they gave us a specific tour of Westminster Abbey and the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London which was perfect. On the third day we were taken to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge. We feel oblige to share with you our satisfaction recommending London Magical Tours very highly. We will come back!

  22. My wife and I took our parents to a summer cruise around the British Isles and Scandinavia. Our long layover in London allowed us to tour the main highlights of this beautiful city with the assistance of the London Magical Tours team. We appreciate every effort our tour guide and driver did in order to accommodate our elderly parents throughout the entire ride, which was second to none. We never expected the LMT team to be so wonderful and caring, they indeed exceeded all our expectations for which we are truly grateful. We highly recommend it to all our friends and family.

  23. Super job as always – very flexible since we had a really long flight delay – stayed in communication outside business hours to make sure our group still had a fabulous layover tour! Thank you so much and we always appreciate having the fabulous guide from last year. Excellent!

  24. Our tour was just what we were looking for! The driver was prompt, knowledgeable & very fun. Our tour guide was very informative and a real delight.

    We were given the Red Carpet Treatment and would highly recommend both Jon our tour guide, Graham our chauffeur and London Magical Tours. Excellent.

  25. Fabulous and very informative tour! We would highly recommend!! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable! Thank you.

  26. The tour was excellent and a good overview of London. Our tour guide did very well with the kids and I appreciate his patience with our 4 year old. Will recommend to others.

  27. Had an outstanding time. Our guide was very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. I learned more about London than I expected. We certainly want to come back and book another tour. Excellent.

  28. We had such a great time with James our Guide. He showed us the city, and side streets for for great photo ops and shared history with my 17 year old son. There is no way we could have seen more in 6 hours, with out our great driver as well. James was very knowledgeable and we could not stump him with any question. A great tour for the money and what you get to see up close! Thanks guys for a great day in London!

    Brett Rostochil, Okc,OK

  29. Nuestro tour a Londres ha sido fantástico. Visitar los palacios de la realeza ha sido un descubrimiento pues pensábamos que Buckingham era lo único que ofrecían. Sin lugar a dudas, es una metrópoli majestuosa que a uno lo puede dejar sin aliento. La asistencia de un guía profesional y un chofer es formidable. Gracias al equipo de London Magical Tours!

  30. We had 2 tours and one transfer with London Magical Tours. Our tour Guides and our Chauffeur were Excellent. Our two guides in particular were so informative. Their knowledge of all parts of London were outstanding. Fantastic overall. We’ll sure come again. Well done!!

  31. This was a lovely tour. Both the driver and tour guide were very nice and welcoming.
    I would highly recommend London Magical Tours to get maximum benefit of layovers.
    Thank you.

  32. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Our magnificent tour guides looked after us all the time. What made it very special was that they looked after our kids so incredibly well. They interacted with them from the beginning, answering the many questions the kids had and making the tour special for them. We have 3 kids under 10 years of age, and a tour of 7 hours can be a challenge. They took the challenge and our kids absolutely loved the history lessons, the games and the interaction. This made it very easy for the adults to enjoy the tour.

    We were able to see everything we wanted in order to enjoy London. The tour was great value for money and an absolute pleasure. You have a very happy customer who will recommend your services to anyone that visits London. Thank you for making our trip a safe and memorable experience. 10/10

  33. Nuestros hijos son fans de los libros y las películas de Harry Potter. Con esto en mira, encontramos en la web de London Magical Tours, videos y comentarios de la gira a Londres y la extension que queríamos para incluir lugares de la ciudad donde se filmaron las películas. Este tour, resultó ser una experiencia mágica a Londres y alrededores; visitamos los puntos de interés histórico y completó la gira, la visita a la estación 9 3/4 en la Estación del Ave Eurostar en King’s Cross.

  34. Ever since we exchanged the first e mails, their replies were spot on and unbelievably quick. Every penny invested in LMT has been worthwhile. The combination of a private driver and a tour guide truly gives first class customer service. Excellent job!

  35. We had a long layover at Heathrow Airport on our way to Johannesburg. Read the reviews, watched the videos which were excellent. The tour itself was very well organised and amazing. We highly recommend this company to anyone finding themselves passing through London.

  36. Donal our LMT guide was excellent! We were visiting Eaton and Windsor Castle and had a blast! Thank you for this lovely experience.

  37. My wife and I took the “Two Palaces” tour and loved it. It was an excellent tour that I would highly recommend to friends and family. We had an almost private tour and the guide and driver were both a pleasure to spend time with. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and explained things in a very compelling manner. I asked questions on history, society (then AND now) and even local rugby training facilities. He had thoughtful, credible and informative responses to all of them. I never got the feeling that he was giving canned responses or just BS’ing his way around a question for which he had no real answer. It was more like having a conversation than being on a guided tour.

    If we make our way back to London (and I’m sure we will someday), “London Magical Tours” will be the FIRST place we look for any touring needs. Our experience was so good that there’s no need to look elsewhere because it’s doubtful that another company could match the quality, let alone exceed it.

    Our thanks to the company for helping make our vacation a wonderful experience. Best of luck to all of you.

  38. Ever since we exchanged e-mails, their replies were spot on and unbelievably quick. Every penny invested in LMT has been worthwhile. The combination of having a private driver and a tour guide at all times truly gives first class customer service. Excellent job!

  39. Excellent tour. We have never been to London and now we want to come back and stay a week. Charles and Donald were very knowledgeable and we will highly recommend this tour company to all.

  40. The tour was very informative and relaxing. Friendly guide. Excellent tour made special by a clearly spoken Tour Guide who truly loved his work. Looking forward to returning to London in the future, to participate in more London Magical Tours.

  41. This was a fantastic day to introduce the family to London on a layover day.
    Our heartfelt thanks to our Tour Guide for being so good with our kids. We created a lot of memories!

  42. Our high school group was returning from Uganda to Denver through London. I found London Magical Tours via a web search. The reviews – video and written – convinced me that LMT would be a great option for our group, and we weren’t disappointed! Charles and John, our guides, were low-key, informative, and just plain fun to be with. They were courteous from the time we met promptly at the designated meeting spot to the time they dropped us off. The lunches we received were also terrific – super fresh, healthy, and yummy! Thank you, LMT, for a great experience – first time in London for most of our students, and they hit the highlights for sure!

  43. Our tour in London was absolutely excellent! Pick up from the airport was the most crucial part of our tour because we had never been to London and they made us feel comfortable upon arriving at a new country. The timing was perfect. With a driver for the tour guide it almost feels like super stars. We are definitely coming back.

  44. Coming back from Greece on our way to Texas, we had a short layover in London.
    The LMT representative waited for me and my fiancee at Heathrow airport even though our plane was a bit delayed. Ever since the first contact at the designated area, they were personable and professional. We were delighted with the beauty of the royal palaces and amazing history of the city of London. Will be returning for more definitely! Thank you Paul and Ryan.

  45. We booked two tours last year with London Magical Tours and loved both of them. We were there again in January and took a tour to Oxford. It was a beautiful day and we loved hearing all of the historical information regarding the chapels, colleges, and well known people who attended Oxford. We also had an afternoon tea in Cotswold that was delicious. Having a driver and guide allows you to make the best use of your time. Thanks again!

  46. Very well organised and presented, kept our teenagers engaged and interested would highly recommend it.

    Mrs. Brand and family,
    Utah, U.S.

  47. We highly recommend the Christmas Magical Lights Tour. Adding a special touch to our holiday, the tour allowed us to see London from a completely different perspective. Our driver and guide were extremely knowledgeable, introducing us to parts of the city that we knew nothing about. We would love to return at Christmastime and would not hesitate to take another tour with this company. They are professional, accommodating, and well-informed.

  48. This was an awesome experience and we’d highly recommend it! Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.

    San Jose, California, US.

  49. We had a great day and the tour was magnificent. For sure we are going to come back and we are going back home with great memories.

    Quebec, Canada

  50. Great tour. Very informative and entertaining. Looking forward to the next visit. I wish my layover would have been longer!

    California, US.

  51. Awesome, I felt it was great!
    The girls loved it and so do we.
    Very courteous, would recommend it again.

  52. “Excellent tour! Second time we have used London Magical Tours and it was perfect!!”

  53. My daughter recently took your private layover tour on her way from the US to Amsterdam. She had never been that far from home, and we were concerned for her safety. She texted me during the tour, and it was Amazing! Her guide was genuinely taking excellent care of her. He blew her socks off with the sites, and he assisted her with some great photographs. He was able get so close to each place without being barraged in large crowds. Her pub meal was delicious (and much appreciated after that long flight). She really got a great feel for London even though she was only there 7hrs. She was so excited when he pulled over to let her spend a few minutes in Herrods. She’s ready to go back to shop! Thank you so much for taking such good care of her and giving her one of those lifetime experiences. I hear I have a nice souvenir from The Queen’s Shop at Buckingham Palace. Your company is a ‘well oiled machine’. Thanks again.

    The Pierce Family, Cary, North Carolina, USA


  55. Both our guide and our chauffeur were very wonderful guides.
    Very informative & very resourceful getting around the traffic.

  56. During our first day touring London with London Magical Tours our guide and our driver shared a magnificent gift of pleasant personality combined with true professional customer care. They also shared PRIDE in the way they unveiled the historic secrets of this beautiful city of London. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s tour with great enthusiasm thanks to them.

  57. Our guide and our chauffeur showed a high level of passionate knowledge about the “Royal” history of WINDSOR CASTLE, with detailed descriptions of paintings, furniture, architecture, carpets & sculptures that helped my family better understand such complicated history & consequences. This was our chauffeur’s second time with my family, he made our time even more fun & pleasant.

    R. Monroig

  58. I had a fantastic tour. I never thought I could pack so much sightseeing and so much history into a layover. The driver-guide was so knowledgeable on all of London’s history and it was fascinating. Definitely glad that I did this tour.

  59. “I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The professional driver-guide sent to collect me from my Heathrow Airport hotel was so knowledgeable and I was amazed at the history of the area which he shared with me. A very nice, polite man. I felt completely comfortable with him. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. This gentleman is a real asset to your organisation. Thank you London Magical Tours!”

  60. I accompanied my elderly parents on their first visit to London, and due to their limited mobility, I knew a private tour was the way to go. Our 7 hour tour of London was fantastic! Our guide was so knowledgeable of London’s history, it just amazed us. She was so friendly, accommodating and full of fun facts. Our driver was also very friendly and knowledgable. He took us to tiny streets off the beaten path with fun and interesting facts to share. Clearly, they both love London and love history. They were both so enthusiastic about sharing what they knew and were so patient and helpful with my parents. Before I could even get out of the van to help my parents, both were already at their side helping them in and out and really providing a personalised service well beyond what I would have expected. My parents were a bit tired towards the end of the tour, and they modified the tour to minimise getting out of the van so much. They recaptured my parents interest, and gave them a second wind. I travel a lot and take private tours quite regularly. London Magical Tours was clearly the best tour I’ve ever taken. Along the way we met another London Magical Tour driver who was waiting for his clients. Our guide introduced us to him and we had a lovely conversation with him. At another stop, we ran into another London Magical Tour guide, who also stopped to chat with us. It’s obvious the staff love what they do and enjoy meeting people. My parents and I loved every aspect of this tour. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide or a better driver. This was my parents last trip to Europe (from the US) and I can honestly say, thanks to London Magical Tours, it was a truly fantastic and memorable trip. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and your professionalism, you really gave us the perfect tour of London. Many thanks to all of you at London Magical Tours.

  61. Just the best ways to visit the UK. We booked three tours over the May bank holiday when my adult children came to visit from Florida and loved each one. What a brilliant way to not just see these places but also learn SO much. If you get the opportunity don’t think twice about doing this!

  62. After reading the amazing reviews I went ahead and booked a tour during our recent layover at Heathrow Airport. We really just wanted to get the most of our time and see as much as we could. Our guide met us as we came out into the arrivals hall with a warm smile and we knew straight away we had made the right choice. We had our own tour team which was fantastic, there were no parking problems as our driver looked after the vehicle while our guide took us out to see the best of the city. The 5 hours flew by, we really wish we could have stayed longer, in fact we are thinking of booking a week in London later this year and will 100% book with this company again.

  63. I promised I would write in after our tour on Monday to say what a wonderful time we all had, I had wanted to make the most of our 9 hour layover at Heathrow and had heard wonderful things about London Magical Tours but these were surpassed! What a brilliant way to discover a city, our guide was a fountain of information and it left us all wanting to return for much, much longer. Everyone should spend their layovers this way!

    Kate, Ryan and Bradley Stuart

  64. Thank you for an amazing tour last weekend, we loved our visit to Windsor and would recommend this to everyone. We will be return visitors!

    Pauline and Bryan Rogers
    Connecticut, USA

  65. I am late posting this but it is still very sincere. On April 10, 2013, my Mother and I had a layover in London on our way to South Africa. It was a trip for her 95th birthday. We were met a London Heathrow airport by our driver with a gift of a huge chocolate bar with Happy Birthday written on it. He was so courteous and helpful and drove us into London to meet our guide, Melanie. The tour was excellent and met all of my expectations. My Mother thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great way to start her birthday celebrations.

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