Customer Comments: One Liners of 2011/12

There is nothing that excites us more at London Magical Tours than when we receive congratulatory feedback from our happy clients. When customers go out of their way to take the time to send us positive comments and feedback it means that we are doing things right!

Sometimes these comments come in the form of letters, calls and more frequently, emails. Many of these are featured on the official website, with photos to match. However throughout the year many of you opt to leave short messages on your experience. Having gone through many of these lately (with large smiles on our faces), we decided to create a little section on the blog entitled “One Liners”.

So here you are. Short one liners. Direct. Punchy. We like to think of them as your London Magical Tours Tweets – precise, to the point and packed full of gusto:

“The driver and guide were perfect throughout the tour – we couldn’t ask for anyone better!”

– Daniel Manna and Daniel Goupil from Quebec, Canada.


-Mr. Zieglet, MD, USA.

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