My London Magical A to Z Guide – Children’s Guidebook to London

We are delighted to announce the publishing of London Magical Tours’ very own guidebook for children:

My London Magical A To Z Guide

My London Magical A To Z Guide

My London Magical A to Z Guide is the perfect accompaniment to our excursions for all family visits, allowing children to follow the landmarks on their tour through a blend of drawings and clever anecdotes.

Covering many of the famous sites such as Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, the book also helps young visitors to awaken an interest in London life by introducing central figures like the Monarch and the Prime Minister.

As can be seen in the examples below, every one of the beautiful hand drawn illustrations has been inspired by the artwork of children who take part in our London tours on a daily basis from all corners of the globe:

W is for Westminster

W is for Westminster

Printed in luxurious hardback form, My London Magical A to Z Guide makes a beautiful souvenir, a memento for every child to customise with their name and date of their London visit to forever be reminded of their sightseeing experience.

A is for Albert

A is for Albert

By purchasing the book visitors also contribute to the Cartland Foundation, a charitable organisation which offers educational visits to children with the aim of opening access to science and the arts, regardless of circumstance or background.

The hardback is available to order online now priced at £14.99, a £6 saving of the normal £20.99 RRP. The accompanying audio CD with full sound effects and narration in the English language is also available for an additional £5.

To order your copy and have it presented to your child at the start of their tour, please add this to your total tour cost when booking online. Alternatively the books can be ordered separately for delivery to the UK, USA, Canada and countries within the European Union by completing the online order form:

My London Magical A To Z Guide Book Order Form

Click on the image below to see some of our young visitors talk about their tour experience with the London Magical Tours A To Z Guide:

60 thoughts on “My London Magical A to Z Guide – Children’s Guidebook to London

  1. Visiting London is challenging when you come with little ones. We did our homework so pre-buying the “A to Z Guide for Children” did the trick of keeping them fully engaged with the sites and stories. Top of the range!

  2. In just a few clicks we were able to purchase in advance the A to Z Guide, it kept our kids engaged during our visit to Buckingham Palace with our London Magical Tours guide. It was a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to return next Summer.

  3. Our twins and elder sister loved their tour experience. The best tour from all the countries we visited this summer in Europe. Thank you guys specially for the “A to Z Guiding Book” for kids from London Magical Tours.

  4. Were it not for the efforts of my mother-in-law the tour would have been of a lesser interest for our children, who bought them this guidebook before visiting. The kids were fully motivated after seeing the highlights of London come to life from the A to Z Magical London Guide for Children. Will recommend highly.

  5. Our tour was fantastic, super well organised, spot on. Our seven year old was very active and interacting with our tour guide all throughout the tour thanks to the “A to Z Magical London Tour Guide for Children” we purchased ahead when booking. Thank you LMT!

  6. Bringing my five year old daughter and my mum to London was a perfect treat for the two, which was greatly enhanced with the “A to Z Guide for Young Visitors” as they say in vernacular British English. We just loved it!

  7. Great Sherlock Holmes tour. The guide and chauffeur team for LMT provided me with a lot detail was given helping my old dream to come true. Very complete. Thank you!!

  8. Fantastic day with London Magical Tours. Having two sights in deep was perfect with the “Pick N Mix tour”plus the aid of the “A to Z Guiding book” for my three boys. We’ll recommend it to friends and family.

  9. It is quite difficult to have the full attention of a five and seven year old brother and sister during a tour. However our tour guide with London Magical Tours made it possible, the visual aid of the A to Z Guide for Kids was funtastic! 😉

  10. Touring London with my 10 year old twins was not only fun but an educational experience. The A to Z Colouring and Guide Book for kids meant a great deal to achieve this goal. Thank you London Magical Tours!

  11. Two families filled with cousins playing around during a trip abroad: great challenge. Our tour guide with London Magical Tours captured their full attention. Highly recommend the A to Z Guide for it!

  12. Great to be in London. This time around I brought my two kids who were captivated by the monuments, the attention to detailed explanations provided by the tour guide which was thoroughly backed up by the A to Z guide book for children they loved. Perfect.

  13. Our two kids enjoyed the stories and information the Tour Guide shared with them. They felt truly engaged with the help of the “A to Z Guide” book, which we bought in advance with the tour. A great way for them to get involved, they were constantly carrying it around with them during our London trip. Thank you guys!

  14. On our way to Johannesburg we had a 12 hour lay over in London. We learned about LMT through internet. They had gone beyond our expectations. Our young ones learned a lot and were motivated by the A to Z Guide book for Kids. Highly recommended!

  15. Our folks recommended us the A to Z Guide for Children. We brought our three girls for the school break and even the thirteen year old really loved it. Thank you LMT!

  16. Visiting from Mexico it was a lot of fun to share with our two kids the A to Z Guiding book for children. Very simple and educational, thank you!

  17. London is so much fun, its China Town is so beautiful! Our boys were fully involved thanks to the A to Z guide book. Very highly recommended :)

  18. My next door neighbours highly recommended us the A to Z book for children. It was indeed a fun way of motivating our kids who were amazed when comparing drawings with reality. Thumbs up!

  19. Highly recommend the A to Z guide for kids, full of great stories and fun anecdotes which our children loved while touring London. 5 stars!

  20. Our sons enjoyed the “A to Z Guide Book for Children”. It is an excellent book, highly recommend it!

  21. With our air-miles we come to London every other year to enjoy musicals at the West End. This time around, my partner Andy and I brought our parents and children, a great challenge indeed! The LMT tour guide plus a driver were superb and the “A to Z Guiding Book for Kids” was a top choice to accompany. Our children were doubly entertained and didn’t missed a single beat. Great value for money and would do it again in a heartbeat.

  22. The A to Z guide book for children was very useful for my daughters during the tour. After browsing it, it is quite useful for adults including my Granny who is 93….she just loved the colours and explanations. Thanks a lot!

  23. It was our first time visiting Big Ben and the palace. What we didn’t know was that London still has several palaces being used and its history is linked to the world in almost every corner. Our kids loved it. The tour team was fantastic and the A to Z book and colouring book were a real treat for them. We’ll come back for more.

  24. We came from New Hampshire in the US with 10 children and grandchildren specially for the Harry Potter tour. Getting the A to Z guiding book for kids helped us a great deal, we loved seeing the older ones interact with our little ones. Great job all around.

  25. Watching my boys comparing monuments and sights of London in daylight with those depicted inside the A to Z guiding book is a special joy. I’ll highly recommend it to anyone travelling with children.

  26. Buying the A to Z book for our children was a wise investment. Our children particularly liked the accompanying colouring book, painting whenever we reached a new landmark. I really liked that our children were engaged throughout, to the point that our 5 year old even learned about the Queen. Amazing stuff!

  27. I’ve enjoyed very much visiting London, the beautiful capital of England. My grandparents surprised me and Ron my twin brother for our birthday, I felt treated like a real princess! On top of everything else that happened I also got the London Magical Tours A to Z guide book, which is my fav. I’ve learned so much with the sights and can’t wait to come back soon!

    Melissa de Hope, 9 years old from WI, USA

  28. This was a great addition to our full day 7 hour tour. The A to Z guide for children helped our son to interact with our guide, it even contained great information for us adults! Highly recommend.

  29. I was in London as a teenager in the 70’s. This time I brought along my wife an two kids. St Paul’s cathedral is fully refurbished, glowing white in contrast to the gloomy smokey structure I remember back then. The food, musicals and restaurants in the West End area have grown considerably and the new buildings in the east show an ever growing city. However, it is fair to say that the icing on the cake was the full day tour we took with Magical Tours. Ours kids loved it, it created great memories for years to come. We also bought the guide book for children, great stuff!

  30. Travelling with three young ones (4, 6 and 7 year olds) can be challenging to say the least. We had made our homework researching online and reading reviews, all of which pointed us to Magical tours. Our youngsters were truly entertained and participated throughout the tour, which in turn allowed my hubby and I to relax and enjoy it just as much. Very happy to recommend, it was a great investment!

  31. I treated my nine year old grand-daughter this year by bringing her along to our annual trip to the UK. I choose London Magical Tours once more and we could not have been more satisfied. I pre-ordered the Magical Book A to Z Guide that Bea enjoyed not only during the tour but now that we are back home. It is a perfect and invaluable tool that made my grand daughter focused on the sights and history of your amazing country. Thank you very much!

  32. Wow! our tour was fantastic and the kids truly enjoyed the experience since our tour guide had a smooth, vibrant rapport with them. They particularly enjoyed the A to Z London Magical Tour Guide which was perfect for their age. Will highly recommend it to family and friends. Thank you for a great time in London.

  33. An awesome tour for the adults. The kids had fun, specially my 9 and 7 year-old daughters who enjoyed themselves watching the historical sites and skimming through the London Magical Tour A to Z Guide for Children and colouring book. Thanks!

  34. It was a great tour. Our twins fully enjoyed the audio book A to Z Guide for children that was also used by the tour team. They addressed them in such a magnificent way that both felt completely engaged with the historic sites and the stories behind them.

  35. Our four kids loved the A to Z guide for children. This book helped them a lot and they felt completely engaged during the 7 hour tour we had in London last 1st of March 2016. We’ll sure come again for more.
    Thank you guys at London Magical Tours!

  36. The “A to Z Guide Book” for Children is filled with a lot of information and a spark of magic. My twins loved it- and so did we. Thank you!

  37. Hemos tenido una visita maravillosa a la ciudad de Londres y el libro “Magical A to Z” complementó el paseo haciéndolo realmente MAGICO e increíble para nuestros hijos quienes gozaron de la experiencia gracias a la dedicación que pusieron – tanto el guía como el chauffeur – cumpliendo con una excelente tarea. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo en London Magical Tours.

    Familia Barboza Veingolea.

  38. My kids and I really enjoyed the fun explanation given about the Queen’s double birthday celebration each year. The book is very well written for children of all ages, we learnt a lot!

  39. Im so glad we purchased these books ahead of our tour with the kids! They really enjoyed viewing the sights and love that we can keep this as a souvenir of our magical time in London.

  40. I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed our time on our layover tour with our children. It was a fun read and we we really enjoyed the anecdotes in this book too. Thank you so much to Anthony the chauffeur and Sophie the guide who went all out to make our trip special.

    The Shasserre family from New Jersey

  41. We saw what we expected to see plus a variety of places that were enhanced by the A to Z guide we got for our children. They just loved it. Thank you very much!

  42. A well written book filled with the concise info a child needs to know about this fantastic city. Many thanks to London Magical Tours!

  43. A wonderful children’s book! It has helped me teach my four year old niece about the history behind London. We are sure coming back to explore more!

  44. Even tough we live in London, we decided to buy in advance the London Magical A to Z Guide. Our children Sammy and Ella truly enjoyed it so by the time the tour took place they were able to recognise each sight straight away.
    We certainly recommend it.

  45. The CD included with My Magical A to Z London Guidebook is fun and quite helpful. Love the British accent!

  46. El libro de London Magical Tours A to Z Guide para ninos es magnifico, de gran colorido y contenido, muy util para conocer la historia de Londres. Gracias.

  47. We enjoyed our visit to London with our kids. We are glad we bought the Magical Tours A to Z guide after the tour, even us -the grown-ups are learning more
    about the amazing history of London.

  48. Our kids loved the originality of the book with its pictures and stories. The audio book was a fantastic way of learning. Thanks again

  49. Just placed my order online, am sending this as a little advance treat to our 11 year old grandson who will be joining us on tour with you in June. Can’t wait :)

    The Martins
    Chicago, IL

  50. WOW, LOVED THIS! My daughter saw the videos before her tour and we ordered the Magical A to Z book when booking online, its a beautiful souvenir with great little stories of the city. Ties in so well with the London tour, which by the way, is exactly what we had wanted. Not only fun for us all but also so educational, she admitted to learning more on the tour than she does at school, great job!

  51. This is an invaluable resource for children visiting London, we bought two copies for our boys and they were referring back to them during the tour and throughout our stay. The audio book even kept the adults entertained, highly recommended.

  52. What a wonderful idea!

    Thank you for an amazing trip last Sunday, my daughter loved receiving her book which she used throughout the day to recognise the landmarks, we have read it several times since returning home and cant wait to return next year!

  53. We are planning to visit London during the festive season and I have read this book to my daughter to help her with the places we will see. I have also learned new things myself!

  54. I have very much enjoyed sharing the stories in the the book with my nephews after having such a memorable time on our layover stop in London. The music and accompanying audio make it a great treat! Thank you London Magical Tours.

  55. Le compramos a nuestro hijo la guía abc y fue una gran ayuda para nuestra visita en Londres. Nos ayudo a nosotros también aprender nuevas cosas. Se lo recomendamos!

  56. We had a wonderful tour with the family! I have been to London many times and still learned a lot. Our guide was an encyclopaedia of information and the book was a great take home gift for the children. Thanks so much!

  57. Just wanted to write in to let you all know how much our children loved their tour with your company on Saturday, Andrew was a superb tour leader and answered all their questions, they wanted to take him on the next part of our trip to Paris. The guide book is really beautiful and will be a treasured reminder of the trip, can’t wait to return for more!

  58. What a great treat. Our daughter loved touring while reading about the sights in the book. The accompanying audio book is really clever with stories and secrets… she now knows how to speak just like the Queen!

    Thank you from Texas :)

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