Paris Magical Tours – The Paris Olympic Games are coming soon!

We are looking forward to the Summer Olympic Games which will be held in Paris in 2024. At this stage in time, an approximate 95% of the venues are now in place within 10km of Paris and we can’t be more excited to see how everything will turn out!

Paris Olympics

Credits: CGTN


While there is plenty of time left until the games, we are excited to hear of the progress and work being carried out in the city of lights.  Volleyball pitches will be located on either side of the Eiffel Tower and marathon swimming will take place on the Seine River that runs through Paris.

Rowing and canoeing will be held towards the east of Paris near Disneyland Euro and equestrian will be held in Versailles. Last but not least, the football games will be held in Paris, as well as in different stadiums throughout France.

Credits: Paris

Credits: Paris


The Paris Olympic Games 2024 are sure to be the biggest event France has ever organised and we can’t wait for you to visit the city of lights! Why not make the most of your visit and explore all Paris has to offer with a Private Paris Tour.

Chateaus in Le Mans – Paris Magical Tours

Did you know that the city of Le Mans is just a couple of hours from central Paris?

The city of Le Mans is located in northwestern France and is filled with fascinating history. It is of course most famous for the 24hr automobile endurance event – the 24 hours of Le Mans Championships. This year the championships will be held between Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th of September 2020.

Chateaus in Le Mans Paris


Why not explore the beautiful city of Le Mans? With Paris Magical Tours you can learn all about the history of this fascinating city.

Whatsmore, we can also include a tour of the city when booking your accommodation in one of our chateaus.

Everyone at Paris Magical Tours is looking forward to welcoming our clients once again and are confident that we can provide a safe and welcoming touring environment. We look forward to your next visit!


Paris Magical Tours – Latest Travel Update

We are excited to confirm that France is open once again and measures are now being lifted.

Following 2 months of lockdown, businesses, shops and schools are re-opening in France after a drop in the daily Covid-19 death toll to below 100.


As a big city, transportation in Paris has always been tricky with large crowds in the subway/metro and day to day traffic.

If you would like to start going sightseeing who not opt for private Paris tours ? Benefit from your own private vehicle and avoid the crowds t to explore the best of Paris with Paris Magical Tours.

CoronaVirus Update




Corona Virus – Update 13th of April 2020:


To all our guests and greater travel community:

In these uncertain times we join ourselves in solidarity with the UK, USA, France and the rest of the world.

Having been founded by Dr. Cartland PHD back in 1915, the Magical Tours brand has always placed the health and safety of our guests and staff members as our highest priority.

In line with current FCO travel recommendations and the scientific advice at hand, we understand that isolation from groups is the best measure of prevention.

In light of this, we would like to take a moment to re-assure our guests and also announce the following measures:

  • Cancelling of all scheduled group tours (shared public tours) in London and Paris up to and including the 30th of April 2020. Guests with tickets for these tours are automatically being offered the option of a full refund or to reschedule for a future date in the next 12 months.
  • Private Tours (exclusively for a party) are by their nature limited in the number of participants and guests on tours affected by current London and Paris restrictions have been contacted directly. Regardless, guests affected by any Corona virus related travel limitations up to and including the 16th of April are being given the option to reschedule for a future date through 2021 with no fees.
  • Taking extra care to provide ongoing guidance so that all staff are fully up to date with hygiene precautions. Deep cleaning measures are also being increased to ensure the highest hygiene standards that we pride ourselves in, with offices and touring vehicles also being provided with hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes.
  • Ensuring that where possible, administrative staff are being offered the opportunity to work from home in isolation, with full payment for their scheduled hours

While we will miss seeing guests during the curent restrictions, our teams are also still at hand to continue serving you through our 24 hour internet service. This applies not just for any guests affected in April but also to assist with any questions for those with advance bookings through the rest of this year.

Given the developing nature of the current situation, the above information will be updated as and when the FCO and government guidelines are updated to meet the changing nature of the impact of this pandemic.

I would like to personally thank all our staff and colleagues who are working beyond the call of duty in serving you in what are challenging circumstances.

We are here to serve our guests and support our greater travel community.

Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones at this time.

With all best wishes,


Ana Cartland
London and Paris Magical Tours

London Layover Tours – A Guide to Tours from Heathrow, Gatwick and City Airport

Have you ever had to spend time at the airport and wished you could go outside and enjoy visiting a city instead of just waiting for your next flight?

Well, great news! If you have a stopover of over 5 hours or more at an airport, the Magical Tours brand offers a fantastic range of London Layover Tours to help make the most of a layover opportunity:

If you are arriving at one of the London airports, London Magical Tours will collect your party directly from your terminal of arrival and return you directly to your terminal of departure at the end following your guided tour, with no hassles or worries. London Magical Tours offer Tours from Heathrow Airport as well as Tours from Gatwick Airport. Whats more, as the original founders of layover tours, a wide range of sightseeing experiences are available with collection and return to the major train station,  including St. Pancras and the Eurostar trains, Victoria Station in London as well as Gare Du Nord in Paris. Visitors with sightseeing requirements from the UK cruise ports can also be accommodated, including Southampton, Dover, Portsmouth and Harwich.


Here are a few essential things to consider on your next layover:

Luggage: Carry on luggage can be brought on board tours. Larger checked luggage will usually be handled by your airline and sent to your final destination, it is worth checking this ahead of time with your airline. Larger pieces of luggage can also be taken on to the touring vehicle if requested in advance.

– Visas:  Most countries benefit from the visa waiver scheme, which makes a layover in London a breeze. As an example, we receive many visitors from the USA on a daily basis as part of our London Layover Tours; simply complete a landing card which you hand in on arrival to London.

– Time: As long as you have a at least a gap of a few hours or more during your layover stop, there will be an opportunity to go on a sightseeing tour. The longer the better!

– Relaxation: That’s the best part: just bring yourself, your friends and put your feet up! Travelling can be a stressful time but it doesn’t have to be when you are with experts; exploring a city is great fun and Magical Tours are there to help make every bit of your travel an enjoyable one that you won’t forget.

As the original founders of layover tours, the Magical Tours brand are proud of the fact that they have never had a client miss their flight when on a layover. It is quite remarkable how much of a city can be seen when you are visiting with an experienced expert: make the most of the opportunity and avoid what would otherwise be an ordinary airport experience.

If you wish to make your next layover a truly magical one, contact London Magical Tours.