Paris Magical Tours – The Paris Olympics 2024!

Paris Olympics with rings 2024

Paris Summer Olympic Games 2024          Photo Credit: New York Times

The anticipation is growing as Paris gets ready to host the Olympics this summer. It will have been exactly 100 years since France hosted the last Olympic Games and Paris are going all out to make this a truly spectacular event.

The Olympics will be held from Friday 26 July 2024 to Sunday 11 August 2024. There will be a total of 35 venues across 14 sites hosting the Olympics sports, all within a radius of 10km from the Olympic village, which will be located close to the Stade de France. The Paralympics will follow the Olympic games and will be taking place from Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 8th September 2024.


Opening ceremony paris 2024

Artists Impression of the Opening Ceremony, Paris Olympic Games 2024   Photo Credit:

The 2024 Paris Olympics are having the opening ceremony take place outside the stadium, a world first, which has never been done before. The ceremony will see each team floating down the River Seine, a truly spectacular entrance.

An exceptional combination of culture, art, and sport is promised for the 2024 Summer Olympics, making Paris the hottest city destination this year.

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