The Magic of London

A young girl appears to lose her pet dog in central London. But all may not be as it seems ….

Filmed as part of our Magic of London series, simply click on the video link below to watch the short video in Full HD:

Our special thanks to Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly Arcade, the Royal Albert Hall and all of the London Magical Tours team who helped with filming.

Are you thinking of visiting London soon? Why not treat yourself to our range of Private London Tours, all of which are available with complimentary pickup and return to your central London hotel. The difference is indeed Magical!

17 thoughts on “The Magic of London

  1. The tour surpassed our expectations! We travel extensively and never had had such a complete tour like this. Will recommend to friends and family. A big thank you to everyone at LMT!

  2. We never expected to see so much of London during our limited layover. It was funtastic! Thank you to our LMT guide and chauffeur!!

  3. The tour went very well executed and excellently planned.
    We very much enjoyed the tour of Windsor Castle. The tour guide has an extensive asset of knowledge, in which we really enjoyed listening to. Thank you!!

  4. As Brits from the Lake District just visited London on our way abroad. This exclusive tour of our capital was the cherry on top for our Silver Wedding anniversary cake. Thank you guys at LMT!

  5. This has been my third visit to London again with London Magical Tours. I went for the “Pick and Mix Tour” scheme which allowed me to dig in and spend more time at the British Museum and Westminster Abbey. Fantastic choice!

  6. We had an awesome tour today with the great team of LMT, a very knowledgeable tour guide and a courteous chauffeur that was spot on and friendly. We’ll recommend London Magical Tours to all our friends and family!

  7. My first visit to London was smooth as a breeze thanks to the London Magical Tours team. Fantastic unforgettable experience. No crowds, London just for us. We are coming back! Thumbs up!

  8. My wife and I had a similar Maltese at home who used to bring the post. This one taking a private tour ride with a chauffeur in London is really something. Loved the video clip!

  9. We were off to visit St. Andrew’s and had a long lay over in London. Best time spent in this great city without hassle with London Magical Tours. Great tour guide and driver! Thanks!

  10. I saw this in the London tourist board and just had to leave a comment – it is superb! We have a Labrador back home in Boston and missed him terribly while in the UK but this really made us smile.

    Thank you for a magnificent set of tours to London and Oxford this month. We couldn’t have been happier and intend to be repeat visitors.

  11. OMG! Watching this made my day, what a lucky lucky little dog. Just imagine doing all of that in an afternoon, it reminded me of why London is such an amazing place to visit.

  12. Our air miles allow us to travel quite a bit and this year we said London. We visited Hampton Court with Magical, the majestic gardens and state rooms are second to none, a royal kitchen used 500 years ago, a maze …. it is just an astonishing place. Magical tours are simply the best. I would recommend it to everyone and have already convinced family to visit again next year to Windsor. A must!

  13. Out of words to describe how well everything went during our visit to Windsor and Stonehenge. Our tour guide was so entertaining, knowledgeable and fun to be with. Our children were astonished with all the stories and really enjoyed the adventure. The driver and his manageability of the roads in the upgraded vehicle were smooth and professional. Our appreciation to everyone involved in LMT since the first e-mail, making our visit to England so memorable.

  14. Our tour is booked for the 28th of December, we can’t wait to be in London. This really got us in the mood :)

    Doug and Kate McDaniels
    Colorado, USA

  15. The part where the dog gets to cross Abbey Road is hilarious. That and the lion king, wish we were there already, so jealous of that little dog!

  16. We couldn’t have been happier with our private tours to London and Windsor last Sunday. Watching this brought a smile to our faces, recognising several of the places we got to see. Time very well spent!

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