London Private Tours with Fast Track Food Service


Here at London Magical Tours we offer our clients a special service to enjoy a full British culinary experience while on tour. Our traditional London pubs are local, hand selected historic pubs away from the masses to provide you with just that – delicious Great British food, served fresh on your arrival with complimentary cordial drinks in reserved seating.

The exclusivity of our fast track service means no waiting in line to order your meal; we understand our client’s desires to get the best out of their time. To this effect, food is freshly prepared 15 minutes before your arrival, enabling you to make the most of your London Magical Tour without worrying about lengthy restaurant lines or cooking time.


To view an example of a food menu for LONDON please click here: Fast Track Priority Service Food Menu

For WINDSOR please click here: Fast Track Priority Service Food Example Windsor

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14 thoughts on “London Private Tours with Fast Track Food Service

  1. Even though we saw reviews we couldn’t imagine the food at the pub until we were there. The ambiance was truly magical. It was truly lovely getting into a “time capsule”. We just love it. Thank you LMT!

  2. Even though we saw the reviews we couldn’t imagine the ambiance and quality of the pub & food until we were there. It was truly lovely to get into a “time capsule”. Thank you so much to London Magical Tours!

  3. Our tour with London Magical Tours was excellent.The food at the traditional English Pub in the heart Knightsbridge was perfect! The best”Fish and Chips” we had ever had! Thank you guys, we will come again!

  4. We returned home from our trip to the UK last week and just wanted to write a short note of thanks for the wonderful service provided to us. We did three full day tours and were overwhelmed by the personal care and attention we received throughout from our guides and drivers. Do not think twice about doing this and a big heads up for the pub meals. We loved arriving at such historic pubs and like magic our food was ready, a big time saver. Delicious too!

  5. Happy to recommend this. A fabulous stop at a 500 year old pub at Windsor to finish off our trip to the queen’s castle. Everyone agreed it was the best fish and chips we had during the whole of our trip!

  6. We took a wonderful half day tour of London on Monday, our only concern had been that two in our group are vegetarians. However I am happy to report back that the food was great, there were plenty of vegetarian options available beyond fish and chips which are available from the menu they sent us. We went to a pub that was over 200 years old, it was the perfect way to end our tour. We would do this every time, thank you!

  7. We LOVED our pub visit. Thank you for an amazing three days in London, we couldnt imagine a better way to see your beautiful city. A big thank you to Debbie and Diane for their help in planning our trip, the recommendations were spot on. We plan on coming back next year with the rest of our clan and will be return visitors!

  8. I am obliged to comment following our experience on Tuesday, what a really great way to see this city. Everyone I talked before coming to London was full of praise for this company and its easy to see why.

    Our pub lunch was outstanding, a reserved table met us by the window overlooking one of the best parts of London and we were in and out in 30 minutes which is exactly what we wanted to carry on with our sightseeing day. I was in two minds whether this food service was just a gimmick but am happy to report otherwise, its a complimentary service that is there to enjoy great British food without losing hours in waiting times and delays. Fabulous time had by all, 10/10!

  9. We spent three days in London and the fish and chips on our tour was delicious, my son commented it was the best he’d ever had! We will be recommending this tour to all our family and friends, we felt like we saw and learned more than we could have possibly imagined.

  10. Thank you for an awesome experience. Really loved our tour on Saturday, from the guide and the driver to the food, it surpassed our expectations, we still cant believe how much we got to see. I am planning on coming back next year and will book again. As you brits say it was BRILLIANT!

  11. Really looking forward to our layover in London next month; our neighbour went on a London Magical Tour from Heathrow last year and said it was one of the highlights of his trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. What a great idea these tours are, couldnt imagine sitting at the airport for 12 hours. Fish and chips booked too!

  12. The tour videos are brilliant, just spend a few minutes reliving the memories. Arrived back in Somerset after spending a few days in London, I promised I would write in to express our gratitude for a wonderful afternoon last Wednesday. Our tour guide was so personable and our driver was always ready for us when we needed to go to another location. The fast track pub service was also great, I would highly recommend it. No waits and delicious food. We will be return visitors.

    Siobhain and Michael Brooks, Somerset, UK

  13. This was such a treat, the blog is so useful. I saw the video before my tour and prebooked a 2 course meal, we wanted to see so much of London with our limited time and it was great to be able to be take to a beautiful pub off the beaten path, they greeted us with a warm smile and showed us to our reserved table. The food was delicious. Delightful!

  14. Just wanted to write a quick thank you for our amazing tour on Monday. We were on a layover and for anyone wishing to know about the food service, it worked a treat. Our guide called the pub a few minutes before our arrival and when we arrived we were seated straight away, our table had a London Magical Tours reserved sign and no sooner has we sat down when the food was brought to us with our complimentary drinks – brilliant service and we all agreed it was the best fish and chips we’ve ever had!

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