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London Tours Dot Educational visits designed to open access to British history and the arts for London students aged between 8 to 18 years old
London Tours Dot Separate age group programs to help best discover and actively understand London's cultural heritage throughout a student's education
London Tours Dot Working in coordination with schools across the London Boroughs
London Tours Dot Small group numbers- programs are designed to offer maximum personal benefit to students
London Tours Dot Interaction openly encouraged, helping develop student confidence and presentation skills
London Tours Dot Programs provide educational city tours and visits to national landmarks, galleries and museums, including exclusive behind the scenes access to many London institutions
London Tours Dot Programs led by professional guides, with students and accompanying chaperones travelling directly from their school in modern minicoaches with an additional qualified chauffeur, see London Magical Tours Difference

School Educational Schemes

London Magical Tours' Educational Schemes run in partnership with schools across the 32 London boroughs to provide specially devised programs which actively promote and help better understand London's cultural heritage.

The schemes aim to fill a gap that often exists in national curriculums and one off school trips by providing specially devised programs which further student's knowledge and understanding of London, building up their understanding through a range of vists and excursions as they progress through their education, from primary school through to the time that they apply for university.


London is one of only a few truly "world" cities. To live within its boroughs is a tremendous opportunity for its students. Yet the sad reality is that there are many children who never experience this.

Through film and the media, some London school children are more familiar with New York and California than they are of their own city. Unknown to them lies a metropolis that is full of wonder, a city which has inspired some of the greatest minds and which is today the most visited city in the world.

Opening Access To Students

All our programs are designed to help London students develop a deeper understanding of the culture and history of their city. An appreciation for history is required if one is to learn from its merits, as well as its faults. It opens new questions to the inquiring mind, creating a better understanding of who we are and how we've come to be. It is only through educating Londoners about their city from an early age that they can obtain a true appreciation about the place they call home and go on to contribute to it as proud inhabitants.

The programs are purposely offered at affordable rates to encourage student take up. The schemes are further supported by the Cartland's Foundation, which believes in opening access to history and the arts for students without exclusions. No student should be unable to take part in the scheme due to affordability issues, with the Cartland Foundation providing full funding for students from low income families.

The Approach

Each tour program is led by one of our professional tour guides, an expert in the area. We do however strongly believe in the importance of combining knowledge with enthusiasm. The programs particularly benefit from encouraging interaction. It is here where students are able to apply their knowledge and understanding, away from the confines of the classroom.

Active Learning

Let's take the classical example of the Tudors and make a quick comparison:

"King Henry VIII had a habit of beheading some of his wives".

This was the only statement that a final year GCSE history student could remember about arguably the most famous King in English history, having studied the Tudors some years earlier at the start of secondary school. Although the undertone of the response perhaps suggests a deeper understanding of the subject than is being led on, it highlights the need to make a stronger connection with students, especially with the opportunites that should be afforded when studying history in a place like London.

Text book learning can have this effect: many students are left with an image of Henry VIII as an obese and vertically challenged King with a bad temper that broke away from the Catholic Church in Rome. To actually be able to go to St James Palace and learn about a youthful and athletic King who built his new Tudor palace in what was then considered to be the outskirts of the old city because he enjoyed the hunt- is quite another.

In a similar manner, seeing the actual spot where Anne Boleyn and her cousin Katherine Howard met their end inside the Tower of London brings what is otherwise just a story to a very real place. It teaches students that there is more to history than stories: characters from a book suddenly become real human beings, each with their own story.

Students quickly begin to grasp the importance of context, that history is more than a single episode unconnected to others. As students make their way through their education, they begin to piece together events, having greater regard to the wider picture. They learn that history has a way of picking and choosing the parts it wishes to remember and that ultimately, there are always different sides to a story.

The results can be quite astonishing. Students who never took an interest in history suddenly find reasons to relate and engage in discussion. What's more, as students progress through their school years, it opens the door for criticial evaluation of history's failings, as well as its successes. For it is only through appreciating what has come before us that we can truly know who we are and be conscience of the direction in which we wish to head. It is the reason why millions of people travel thousands and thousands of miles every year to these shores to hear this history. And most importantly of all - students learn why they should take great pride in calling themselves Londoners.

Current Schemes

The latest London Magical Tours' Educational Scheme Projects are viewable by members only. To register your child please follow the instructions below.

Student Registration

Educational Membership to the schemes is priced at a one-off 10 fee per student. This provides:

- Full student membership to the schemes, valid through ages 8-18 inclusive.
- Benefit from the discounted student rates on all educational activities.
- Access to full program information, featuring complete itineraries.
- Receive exclusive news of all upcoming and future visits.

To register please complete the online form linked below, selecting Membership Fees as the tour product and entering 10 as the total cost to pay:

Register Online

Once registered you will be contacted with the current scheme available for your child's age group, with dates, times and information on how to book online.

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Customer Comments

If you're 10 years old and love adventures, I would go with London Magical Tours every time!
Harry York (Aged 10)
Wimbledon, UK

Educational and fun, a brilliant way for our youth to become engaged with british history.
Dr. Harribet
Colorado, USA

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