London Magical Tours Difference

A Different Class of Sightseeing

At London Magical Tours, we believe it is the little details which separate a good tour from a very special experience.

Regardless of budget, from private tours to group tours, through excursions for lone visitors and exclusive VIP trips, our principles are the same - discover one of the world's oldest and greatest cities in a personal manner for an experience to remember.

Over 100 years since our origins in 1915, we continue to adhere to founder Dr. Cartland's original vision for the ultimate touring experience.

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The London Magical Tours team of tour guides are highly educated professionals, all of whom share in their enthusiasm and genuine interest in the UK.


From doctors, lawyers, writers, actors, historians and blue badge qualified guides, through to Oxford and Cambridge university graduates: we are proud to have real Londoners ready to share their knowledge and passion for their city with you.

Like all things, guides in the UK come in all forms. Some are good, others are mediocre at best. Even a highly qualified individual on paper does not necessarily make a great guide. The role requires something more.

One of the phrases most frequently used by our guests in their tour feedback is energy. A love for London. Passion. Spirit. A natural way with words. A teacher (not a lecturer): a friend. These are qualities you cannot bluff, no matter how many qualifications have been gained.

Each of our guides has been specially chosen for possessing these characteristics. Knowledgeable and experienced in their professional fields, yes. But in addition, personable and willing to go the extra mile. Put simply, the creme-de-la-creme of tour guides.

A sense of Humour

To quote one of our longest serving guides, when planning your visit to England there are some essentials which you should not leave at home. Bring some warm clothes, a good book and some classic British music. But far more importantly, do not forget to pack a sense of humour. It would not be Britain without it!


London Magical Tours' team of driver-guides and chauffeurs are experienced drivers who have been screened and personally hand-picked for their good nature and manner.

All are licenced in accordance with English law and have passed full DBS disclosure (the UK's official criminal record background check), permitting them to also work safely with children.

They possess an indepth knowledge of London's roads and a natural ability to make you feel at ease if you are new to driving in the UK. Their knowledge of side streets and secret London squares is frequently praised by guests, helping to avoid potential traffic spots.

Guests who upgrade to the VIP service levels, further benefit by having a chauffeur in addition to a professional tour guide:

This is highly beneficial and comes thoroughly recommended. Having an extra chauffeur in London adds so much to the experience. With the curbside service you can forget about all parking worries, leaving you and your tour guide to concentrate on the most important aspect - the touring - and really make the most of your day.


Standard Level: Driver-Guide

At standard level, your party are provided with your own London Magical Tours professional driver-guide (1 person), travelling in the privacy of private vehicle. This is our entry level to the private sightseeing experience, with plenty of photo stops to help discover the best of the UK away from the crowds.

As a private tour, the experience is purely for your party, offering the personal attention required to truly discover one of the world's leading cities.

VIP Levels: The Guide and Chauffeur Combination

As a guest at the VIP levels, you are provided with your own London Magical Tours team (2 people) consisting of a professional tour guide, plus in addition, an extra chauffeur.

Like most good things, this is a very simple concept, yet its effectiveness cannot be over-emphasised. The old saying "two heads are better than one" applies well here. Two people. One to drive, manouvre traffic and take care of parking. The other to focus on the most important element - the guiding.

Forget parking problems as your chauffeur driven vehicle stops next to the iconic sights, away from the masses. Then go outside to sightsee with your personal guide. Tour the main London highlights. Take a guided visit to see and understand the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Be ready at the perfect spot at the perfect time to avoid the crowds.

Join your guide for a tour inside one of London'a most famous landmarks. Go on a guided walk through narrow London side streets, enter a 16th century courtyard, peek into a secret garden. Did you know that a young Mozart lived here? This is where Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels wrote several of his books. Come, let's take a closer look...

And when you are finished touring an area? There is your chauffeur. Ready and magically waiting to take you on to next location. That is the difference.

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When faced with the prospect of taking a private tour, there can be a tendancy amongst some people to worry about the cost implications. Yet the reality is that tours are available for all budgets, including our shared semi-private group tours which run on select dates throughout the year.

Perhaps the best way to emphasis how cost effective our tours can be is to make a small comparison:

Take a family of 6 looking to tour London. Some families opt to join a bus tour with up to 50 people, mainly in the belief that it will be cost effective. Guided bus tours of London typically run in the region of £60 to £120 per person. Based on a family of 5, that is a total outlay of between £360 and £720.

Remarkably, 90% of our tours fall either within or below this price range. A family of 6 pays £549 on a Half Day London Tour - that's £91.50 per person. Your family tours with a brilliant local guide in the privacy of a minivan, just for your party. Collection and return is included to your accommodation in central London. A personal experience for your family to remember.

How's that as opposed to being in a bus full of people? No having to wait one hour at the start of the tour while the crowded bus goes from hotel to hotel picking up passengers. No being stuck at the back of a group and failing to hear what is being said. No rush to keep up. When explained so black and white, there is no comparison.

For those looking for that something a little extra, our VIP tours are also highly popular. Include this option to tour with your own professional tour guide and in addition, an extra chauffeur. Further benefits include upgrading to the luxury vehicle fleet and enjoying special off the beaten path experiences exclusively for these service levels, perfect for creating that memorable occasion.


Finally, we turn to the most important aspect, the real proof of the pudding - your feedback.

Every year, guests from across the globe are kind enough to send in e-mails and letters telling us about their sightseeing experience with London Magical Tours. There really is no greater compliment to a company than when a guest goes out of their way to do this.

It is these comments and feedback which we publish on the website. If you have recently been on a London Magical Tour you are also more the welcome to leave a comment directly on to the website.

Please take a moment to browse verified past guest comments in our London Tour Reviews section.